Program – BetEasy Darwin Triple Crown

Saturday August 15

10:10 - 10:30 Rookie-only practice
10:50 - 11:20 Practice 1
11:50 - 12:20 Practice 2
12:35 - 12:50 Top End Drift Assoc. Demonstration
1:05 - 1:15 Qualifying Part 1 for Race 13
1:20 - 1:30 Qualifying Part 2 for Race 13
1:40 - 2:20 Top 15 Shootout for Race 13
2:30- 2:40 Top End Drift Assoc. Demonstration
3:30 - 4:17 Race 13 (38 laps)

Sunday August 16

11:40 - 11:50 Qualifying for Race 14
11:55 - 12:05 Qualifying for Race 15
12:20 - 12:30 Top End Drift Assoc. Demonstration
1:20 - 2:07 Race 14 (38 laps)
2:25 - 2:35 Top End Drift Assoc. Demonstration
3:30 - 4:17 Race 15 (38 laps)

Team Information

Car NumberTeam Sponsor NameMotorsports Australia Competitor NamePrimary DriverModel
2Mobil 1™ Middy’s RacingWAU Racing Pty LtdBryce FullwoodZB
3Team CoolDriveBrad Jones Racing Pty LtdMacauley JonesZB
4SCT Motor SportsBrad Jones Racing Pty LtdJack SmithZB
5Truck Assist RacingTickford Racing Pty LtdLee HoldsworthGT
6Monster Energy RacingTickford Racing Pty LtdCameron WatersGT
7NED Whisky RacingKelly RacingAndre HeimgartnerGT
8Brad Jones RacingBrad Jones Racing Pty LtdNick PercatZB
9Penrite RacingErebus Motorsport Pty LtdDavid ReynoldsZB
12Shell V-Power Racing TeamRacing Team (Aust) Pty LtdFabian CoulthardGT
14Brut Military GradeBrad Jones Racing Pty LtdTodd HazelwoodZB
15Castrol RacingKelly RacingRick KellyGT
17Shell V-Power Racing TeamRacing Team (Aust) Pty LtdScott McLaughlinGT
18IRWIN RacingChasports Racing Pty LtdMark WinterbottomZB
19Local Legends RacingTekno AutosportsAlex DavisonZB
20DEWALT RacingChasports Racing Pty LtdScott PyeZB
22Team SYDNEYTekno AutosportsChris PitherZB
25Mobil 1™ Appliances Online RacingWAU Racing Pty LtdChaz MostertZB
34UNIT RacingMatt Stone Racing Pty LtdJake KosteckiZB
35Yellow Cover RacingMatt Stone Racing Pty LtdGarry JacobsonZB
44Boost Mobile RacingTickford Racing Pty LtdJames CourtneyGT
55Supercheap Auto RacingTickford Racing Pty LtdJack Le BrocqGT
88Red Bull Holden Racing TeamTriple Eight Race Engineering (Australia) Pty LtdJamie WhincupZB
97Red Bull Holden Racing TeamTriple Eight Race Engineering (Australia) Pty LtdShane van GisbergenZB
99Penrite RacingErebus Motorsport Pty LtdAnton De PasqualeZB


The BetEasy Darwin Triple Crown and CoreStaff SuperSprint will be held in accordance of Motorsports Australia NCR 56

Officials of the event Name State
National Sporting Authority Motorsport Australia
Promoter Northern Territory Major Events Company
Organiser Chief Executive Officer - Tim Watsford
Organising Committee Celia de Latour, Natasha Bury, Jack Holding, Lawrie Schmitt
Vince Ciccarello, Wayne Oliver.
VCS Stewards Matt Selley (Chair), Steve Lisk, Brenton Taylor, Chris McMahon
VCS Race Director James Taylor
Clerk of the Course Lawrie Schmitt VIC
Secretary of the Event Jack Holding SA
Medical Delegate Dr. Andrew Magness
Supercars Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess
Starter Paul Martin
Driving Standards Advisor Craig Baird
Race Control Operations James Delzoppo
Timing Co-ordinator Ian Leech
Recovery Co-ordinator Alistair Walker
Safety Car Driver Jason Routley
Safety Car Communicator TBA
Supercars Media Manager Paul Glover
NTMEC Media Manager Leanne Hudson
Name Position State
Deputy Clerk of the Course Vince Ciccarello SA
Assistant Clerk of the Course Ian Mayberry QLD
Deputy Secretary of the Event Janelle Orrock SA
Chief Medical Officer A/Prof Di Stephens NT
Chief Scrutineer Ross Page NT
Deputy Chief Scrutineer Jake Kroonstuiver NT
Chief of Communications Catherine McHugh QLD
Starter Jeff Sutton NT
Assistant Starter Erik James QLD
Chief Observer David Mori SA
Chief of Equipment Simon Gore QLD
Chief Marshal Wayne Oliver NT
Chief Flag Marshal Scott Thomson NT
Chief Fire Marshal Robin Smith SA
Deputy Chief Fire Marshall Michael Nelson SA
Chief of Recovery Alex Ormsby NT
Chief Pit Lane Marshal Debbie Turner NT
Chief Grid Marshal Ray Robey QLD
Chief Emergency Services Coordinator Vicki Rice NT
Emergency Services Communicator Scott Thompson SA
Course Car Coordinator Baydon Fawcett NT
Sector Marshal Steve Clift SA
Sector Marshal David Castrechini SA
Sector Marshal Robert Thiry SA
Sector Marshal Karl Fleming SA
Sector Marshal Cathy Croci SA
Sector Marshal Darren Mattiske SA
Sector Marshal Peter Cirillo SA
Sector Marshal Adriaan Gerritsen NT
Sector Marshal Phillip Preece NT
Sector Marshal Chris Pettit NT
Sector Marshal Paul Karamanov SA
Sector Marshal Peter Stevens SA
Sector Marshal Alex Stewart NT
Name Position State
Adam Burgan Administration NT
Albert Stokes Recovery NT
Alexander Matkin Medical WA
Allan Young Pit & Grid NT
Amos Wachira Flags NT
Andy Napier Fire & Rescue NT
Anthony Virgen Recovery NT
Brenton Bowman Fire & Rescue SA
Bridget Oudeman Medical QLD
Casey Lovelock Flags NT
Charles Tickell Flags QLD
Cheryl Baker Pit & Grid NT
Chris Page Fire & Rescue SA
Christopher Gill Pit & Grid NT
corey Marsh Fire & Rescue NT
Craig Bould Paddock NT
Craig Sorensen Scrutineering NT
Damion Fry Course Car NT
Daniel Sparrow Equipment NT
Darren Boots Fire & Rescue NT
Darryl McInnes Recovery NT
Darryl Zeller Equipment QLD
David Mashado Fire & Rescue SA
David Murphy Medical NSW
Dilan Saitz Recovery NT
Donna Woltring Flags NT
Dylan Clifton Pit & Grid NT
Elizabeth Payne Course Car NT
Emily de Longte Timing NT
Felix Ho Medical NT
Gary Burzacott Communications NT
Gary Ninneman Flags NT
Glynn Greiner Flags QLD
Graham Dickson Fire & Rescue SA
Haiden Phillips Fire & Rescue NT
Harris Wain Medical QLD
Heath (aka Ned) Kelly Flags NT
Helen Voysey Flags NSW
Ian Smith Fire & Rescue NT
Jake Sparrow Equipment NT
James Phang Pit & Grid NT
James Yates Medical NT
Jan Cartwright Flags NT
Janette Norton Flags NT
Janine Carey Flags NT
Jay Jukes Course Car NT
Jenny Taylor Administration NT
Jim Scott Flags QLD
Jimmy Nott Pit & Grid QLD
John Miles Flags QLD
John Winter Pit & Grid QLD
Jolene Delaney Administration NT
Joseph Collocott Recovery NT
Joshua Hansford Flags NT
Joshua Jagla Recovery NT
Kandyce Draper Pit & Grid QLD
Karyn Lun Medical QLD
Kirralee Brand Recovery NT
Kym Oswald Fire & Rescue SA
Kym Williams Fire & Rescue NT
Leon Tcha Paddock NT
Louise Smith Administration SA
Lyndon Sperring Communications WA
Malissa Tweedie Communications NT
Matt Ryan Pit & Grid NT
Matthew Meegan Fire & Rescue SA
Michael Collins Flags QLD
Michael Tyris Recovery NT
Myra McLaughlin Fire & Rescue SA
Nathan Agius Pit & Grid NT
Nathan Kenny Flags SA
Nicholas Sayers Pit & Grid NT
Owen Smith Flags SA
Patrick Stewart Flags NT
Paul Wise Pit & Grid SA
Peter Clifton Pit & Grid NT
Peter Myerscough Scrutineering NT
Peter South Pit & Grid SA
Peter Windle Paddock NT
Phillip Pomeroy Pit & Grid NT
Phillip Zamagias Administration NT
Ray Henry Pit & Grid NT
Raymond Anderson Pit & Grid NT
Reece Debney Fire & Rescue QLD
Richard Davidge Recovery NT
Richard Hill Flags NT
Robert Wall Recovery NSW
Roger Coutts Flags SA
Ross Commons Scrutineering NT
Sandy Alp Course Car NT
Sarah Seib Fire & Rescue NT
Scott Helmore Fire & Rescue SA
Scott Henry Recovery NT
Sean Parr Fire & Rescue NT
Shantell Want Medical NSW
Stacey Fawcett Course Car NT
Stephen Christensen Flags NT
Stephen Navaratnam Communications ACT
Steven De Gennaro Administration NT
Stewart Gear Flags QLD
Sue South Communications SA
Tim Fry Recovery NT
Trent Milgate Recovery NT
Trevor Allan Pit & Grid QLD
Trevor Voysey Flags NSW
Walter Schuricht Course Car NT
Wayne Cottle Communications NT
Wayne Rahn Fire & Rescue NT
Wendy Kelly Pit & Grid NT
William McLaughlin Fire & Rescue SA